• Image of Making Faces ~ PRINT ON WOOD

Hand Embellished Print by Miss Mindy ~ Printed by Prints on Wood
TITLE: Making Faces
SIZE: "12 x 9" x ".25
MEDIUM: pigment on wood
PRICE: $250.00
Signed by the Artist

"On these lovelies, I hand embellish each wooden print with metal leaf...
The painting this is created from is another one near and dear to my heart. To let my true face show.. let out emotion.. even if it's not pretty, crazy or awkward.
To choose not to wear the mask of 'everything's fine ALL the time.'
*If it's sold out.. just email me and my elves, and we'd be happy to put in an order for you that would arrive in roughly 4-6 weeks. Each one is made to order and naturally has slight differences due the nature of metal leaf and wood... which makes them so special! " ~MM

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